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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 12, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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a warthog is at the river because -- >> it's thirsty. >> the moment is meets something that's hungry. for a rally racer, going sideways no big deal. why flipping this many times kinda is. today we are going to have a little discussion about meat glue. >> a dude blows the lid off making a frankensteak and the viral look that makes you take a second look at the ribeye. >> i never knew that was possible. and yoga poses with a jeep. why people online just can't get enough. >> i love rc cars.
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angie. >> little milton. >> beware what's lurking in the water, because it might try to eat you or something else. let's start in the south luwanga national park in zambia. thwarthog is thsty, but look at ouldn't that be so awful? if we went to water fountains and suddenly a crocodile shot out of the drain. >> how thirsty are you? >> exactly. oh! >> that crocodile will have to find a meal somewhere else. >> you think it's the same crocodile that failed both times and starting to think ooh, am i getting old? what's happening? >> time to become a vegetarian. >> there's a wallaby in the water. the dogs have been barking for about an hour and the wallaby
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finally gets fed up. the wallaby drags the dog into the watt and the yellow dog is like wait a minute that's my buddy. >> they're wrestling. >> watch this wallaby try to take out the back dog. >> trying to drown it enough of your barking, just be quiet! >> looks like the wallaby is trying to drown the dog. finally the dog is able to break free and goes to the other side and watch the wallaby gets out of the water, so does the during and that's when the video ends. put to the floor, this rally car in finland blazing down this straightaway totally rolling. >> uh-oh. >> oh! you're right totally rolling. >> four. five. and a half. >> that's driver anton lauren and his codriver matty heikenen. i don't know what went wrong here. he came in there seemingly
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unprepared for the turn. who knows? maybe he had a throttle stuck or something but those guys went tumbling. sounded like a trash can going down the road in a thunderstorm. >> both tell me they were fine it's a rally car. >> totally fine. he posted the picture up on instagram with #okay. that's what rally racing is all about. these guys on a roll and some razors going for the backflip. >> uh-oh. >> oh! >> it's like the bink one, did land on its wheels managed to break one of its wheels. couple others try again. >> oh no no so close. >> what's the interestic to get it right? >> it's a combination of factors, the speed you're going it's the shape of it it's how you hit it whether the back wheel catches. half of it is luck. >> when it works it works just right and you land softly and pulled off a backflip.
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a horrific moment caught on camera from self-different angles in queensland australia. look at this. >> woo! >> this is the result of a car accident hitting a gas container outside a cafe. the cafe was busy at the time of this accident. you can see that the explosion was intense. >> oh my gosh! people go flying. >> people did go flying across the pavement. you can see other people come rushing out of the cafe trying to help the people out who were injured. 20 people were injured as a result of this accident an accident that was completely unexpected and completely unpreventable. according to reports the driver who hit that gas canister was experiencing a medical condition. he was unconscious when they got him out of his car after he made impact. the worst part about this three people had to be taken to a burn unit and put into a medically induced coma as a result of
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their severe burns. >> that poor guy standing there. >> he's holding his arms out like he's just in pain oh man. >> that's actually a firefighter ironically at the time that this happened a lunch was going on between some patrons and firefighters. they had just conducted a fire safety seminar. so firefighters were there on the scene to help get the man out of the car and to try to help treat some of the people injured as a result of this accident. the only reason i watched this video the whole way through because i am pitching it. if any of you were showing it i would have to look away. the duds free one channel and the same thing we've seen before finding a tv aerial they'll climb it to get a great view and it's going to look awesome unless you're afraid of heights like me. they take it further than i've seen on previous things. it's not as high as some of the ones we've seen but trust me once you get up there it feels like you're on top of the world.
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they keep going until they get to the very top, steps on that tiny little square next to the strobe light and gives it this beautiful 360 selfie. at this point my stomach dropped out the bottom. clearly that's where they were going with the video. how wrong was i? because they decide to wrap it up a bit. >> where else is there to go to ramp it up a bit? >> i wish you hadn't asked. why don't we just i don't know hang off of it and wave and just hang one-handed. your mother will not be impressed by that! >> he looks like he's 10. such a life to live kid. >> he keeps going. holding on with your legs as he leans all the way back and a great selfie of the other guy. no thank you, i'm out, check that. i don't want to look anymore. >> they are not holding his feet. >> nope they are not. >> i don't know what that means in the real world. >> you could be the guy who changes light bulbs on the top
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of the radio towers and tops of the lightning drives on sky skyscraper skyscrapers. >> they'd be bored. those guys use safety equipment. >> let's just hope they do grow up. a prankster tries to get people to plant one. >> while waiting for a bus. >> see if his kiss cam trick gets the job done. and the beer trick is sure to get the party popping. >> yes! his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanksks t to o momom m and dad and their safe drdrivivining g bobonunus check from allstate. ohoh. . lolookok a at t ththisis. . safe driving bonus. are yoyou u a a sasafefe d dririvever? luluckcky y lilittttlele fella. ononlyly a allllststatate gives you two safe driving bobonunus s chchececksks a a y year for driving safe. sesee e hohow w mumuchch more an allstate agent can do for you. cacallll 8 87777-6-64444-3-3100. lilikeke i in n momostst families, dad's always the last to know. ththatat's's w whyhy a accccididenent t foforgrgiviveness wawas s ththe e fifirsrst t ththining g he asked for when he switched
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you never know really which videos online are going to get attention and it's surprising when you see some of the ones that do. this video from zurich is just all about creativity and everybody wanting to drink at once. >> yes! >> yeah. >> so what we have here are the
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foldable rulers that stretch out into yard sticks under the lip of the bottled beer cap and one guy holding all of the ruler yard stick things. >> that's why it's trending because men around the world are going to see efficiency right there. >> this next video you saw yesterday, it went viral. >> i'm going to take a pizza. put it here. set it inside the tire. >> remember old brad? brad set up two tires stacked on top of each other and he puts the log in the hole. >> and then he chops it. i see. so the tire just holds it in place loosely enough so can he chop the log. >> that video went viral. hundreds of thousands of views. brad is even surprised that his video wept viral. i've got another video recently posted with fast reaction to finding out people like his
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video. >> holy cow! look at that! 443? thousand? >> thousand, yes. welcome. >> you're just a genuinely nice guy and people like guys like you. >> holy cow! look at that! 423? thousand. >> it's been about nine months since we first said good-bye to terry, jack and sandy the adventure trio. they september me this video and it's pretty radical. normally when we travel we think a great hotel, nice sheets maybe a top floor room great hotel means you can park your motorcycle inside it's nice and secure and nobody goes rooting through your bags here's sandy with lovely ladies in the peruvian andes.
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look at some of the scenery they get to experience. jack you see here is getting his cast removed. you might think if they're traveling on motorcycles this might have been some dangerous motorcycle accident. no he fell out of bed. >> you're kidding. >> no he fell out of a bunk bed, broke his arm. they did get a cast put on but took the cast off themselves. >> good for them. it's funny to see jack. he's growing up before our eyes. think about the world view his parents are giving him. he's going to be the best kid in geography class. >> priceless education, and the language skills he's gaining swle. i can't think of a better way to garner an education than with your family. >> so it's tied to the side of the trailer. >> not enough room in the trailer so they flung the goat to the side in the little slings and look at some of the 11,000 feet they climb up and over through the mountains. >> what a cool adventure.
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the kiss cam always at live sporting events just kind of works. people see themselves on the screen and go for it. watch, right now here's magic, kiss cam. harris from minnesota decided to see if the kiss cam would work in other situations while waiting for a bus. they got a camera connected to a laptop connected to a projector, projecting onto the roof of the bus stop he's waiting at. first stop goes for the classic kiss cam. tried his luck unfortunately not seeing it. this guy is like hey, me what? next up the bongo car. it starts working, too. >> it's so fun. >> trying the mambo cam, but he's not giving up. next up thecam, the
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symbol of singapore, half lion and half mermaid. you got one in your desk. >> why is this one vomiting? >> because the merline in singapore projectile vomits water. so you see if you can get anyone to join in taking some merline in the face. >> yeah! the final one he goes for is the caroline wave. everyone does the wave. yeah! see, magic, i'm playing the bongos i look like an idiot. >> well you do that anyway. he can't base jump in national park. jonathan with his video wants to change that. see why, next "right this minute." and still to come one cool video.
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little shaker it's white powder. you can mix it with water to mike a slurry. >> after he trimmed the meat he's using this powdered meat glue to make a slurry. he mixes it with water and now he puts that all over this cheaper cut of meat adds the cheaper stew meat to the middle and utilizes the trimmed fat to make the nice vein of fat we often see in a rib eye. he refrigerates overnight in a zip bag. look at the finished product. >> the thing that's wild is there are some areas here that look totally fused like the meat almost melted into each other. >> now he trims this up sears it on the grill and look at this after it's cooked. >> looks authentic. >> he is not a pro at doing this and people who try to maybe pass off this frankenmeat as a fillet will just smoosh it into an actual shape. here is his motivation. >> there are legitimate uses for
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this product used in caseless hotdogs and sausages but where i have a problem is when a restaurant or dining hall is trying to pass off a bunch of scraps welded together as real steak. >> gosh i never knew that was even possible. >> a lot of people don't know that's even possible. that's why this video is going viral. >> if somebody puts it in a tin, who knows what you're getting? ice skate something already a really cool sport but leave it to devin supertramp to be on fire with this latest video. i wasn't kidding when i say fire because -- >> that's cool. >> -- he attached the flairs to the skates of these ice skaters and told them go do some fun stuff. people ice skate from all oef the world to this location.
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>> an entirely different experience. it's a real performance, it's brilliant. >> it almost makes it more difficult for the ice skaters. you can see every little thing. >> i love the pack flips. you see the silhouettes of the ice skaters. >> oh that hurt so bad. >> if you watch the behind the scenes video you realize there are some elements of danger especially for the girls with their long hair. >> yes. it could catch on fire. i was like it's going to catch her pony tail on fire. she's about to get run over. >> did not see that one coming. >> why her offroading style got the web going wild.
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that's catniss everdeen. >> time for pure animal cuteness. this first little guy ducks behind the bed. the dog watch the little -- and the owner finally jumps out. >> wouldn't the dog smell him
3:26 pm
out? >> i think the dog is just humoring. >> giving the human the runaround. >> zukko has his own channel. this next one not so much cute as it is scared. that cat is terrified. >> going down it doesn't like. >> what could scare the cat this much? >> i have no idea. i feel like it's seeing dead people right now. >> you'll never believe it flowers. >> basically never give that cat flowers. just buy the chocolates and be done with it. >> wow.
3:27 pm
jeeps when modified properly are amazing to go offroad on. you will be amazed what this jeep can do. >> that is a woman. >> you're right, and very soon you will see the jeep. >> did not see that one coming. >> it's quite the mountain climber. >> i can't understand. >> this isn't the only video, this was posted on instagram of hot yogaholic and it's a thing. >> this isn't going to work. >> it's big for her. don't run over your girlfriend with a jeep. >> okay, this is weird. but oddly fascinating to watch. >> for a couple of reasons. >> i love artsy cars.
3:28 pm
there's four really good reasons. >> and she clearly is very into yoga and maybe she's into jeeps or significant other but in her instagram they are featured quite frequently in a variety of different yoga poses. >> are they really yoga poses? >> they are actually and very difficult to get into. >> she's talented. >> yep. >> what's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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rescue in a tight space to save a little girl stuck between these two walls. what got her down there and how a talented team got her out. >> i love it. honking at a roadhog leaves a driver angry. >> and ready to fight. >> how it all finally came to a head. >> [ bleep ]. >> sophie. >> if you mare mewing from above it might be these guys they have their own show on animal planet. meet one of the forces of nature behind hundreds of treetop rescues. >> we're always astonished


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